February 18, 1999
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        SPOKANE, Wash. -- An annual masonry design competition among architecture students at Washington State University will feature a new twist this year.
        In the past, the students designed a building with masonry as the primary material. This year, 47 students from the third-year architectural design course are designing posters to advertise the benefits of masonry in the building industry.
        Each student will create two posters. The first poster illustrates a quality of masonry. They will choose from among 16 possible qualities, including structural strength, pattern, texture or cost effectiveness. The second poster illustrates a construction practice of masonry, such as how to make openings in masonry walls, how to attach wood or how to build a masonry fireplace.
        The final posters will be framed and hung in the WSU Spokane Interdisciplinary Design Institute Gallery on Feb. 23. A jury of architects and masonry contractors will select the best posters and present first, second and third place prizes at an awards banquet on March 5 at the Bayou Brewery. The event is sponsored by the Spokane Masonry Promotion Group.
         The architecture program at WSU Pullman offers both the bachelor of architecture and the bachelor of science in architecture. Students begin their studies in Pullman, then come to WSU Spokane for their fourth and fifth years of study at the Interdisciplinary Design Institute. The master of science in architecture degree is also available at WSU Spokane.
        For more details, contact Kevin Krebs of the Spokane Masonry Association at 509/324-2320. For information on studies in architecture and other design disciplines at WSU, contact WSU Spokane Enrollment Services, 509/358-7978, Enroll@wsu.edu. WSU Spokane is on the web at <http://www.spokane.wsu.edu/>.


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