March 2, 1999
MEDIA CONTACT: Barb Chamberlain, 509/358-7527,
        Spokane, Wash. -- Rural health care providers are facing issues ranging from Y2K to managed care to an increasingly aging population. They will find the information they need to keep up with those challenges at the Northwest Regional Rural Health Conference, "Opportunities at the Millennium," to be held March 10-12 at Cavanaugh's Inn at the Park.
        The conference will focus on complex issues facing rural community health systems, including new policy and regulatory changes at the federal and state level.
        Featured speakers include Dr. Wayne Myers, a pediatrician and director of the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy; Gail Bellamy, President, National Rural Health Association; Mary Selecky, Acting Secretary, State of Washington Department of Health; Deborah Senn, Washington State Insurance Commissioner; and others.
        Topics to be covered include Y2K issues facing rural health care facilities, health workforce issues, rural mental health, telehealth, community responses to aging, innovative programs to provide coverage in under-served areas and other topics.
        Expected conference attendees include community leaders, administrators, board members, commissioners, providers, policy makers, public health professionals, medical librarians and individuals representing a variety of other rural health interests.
        Sponsors include the Washington Rural Health Association, the Washington Statewide Office of Rural Health and the Area Health Education Center at WSU Spokane.
        For information on specific speakers and topics, contact AHEC at WSU Spokane, 509/358-7640.

Note to reporters:
For a complete program with details and time for each presentation, contact Lois Quinn, 509/358-7640. If you would like to arrange one-on-one time with a speaker, contact Steve Meltzer, Director, AHEC, 509/358-7642.


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