May 4, 1999
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        SPOKANE, Wash. -- Washington State University at Spokane will celebrate its ninth class of graduates and the Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education/WSU College of Nursing will celebrate its 30th anniversary when diplomas are handed out Friday, May 7, at WSU's Spokane commencement ceremony.
        The program, set at the Spokane Opera House, begins at 2 p.m., after a march of the faculty, led by bagpipers, west along the Centennial Trail.
        Louis Rukavina, III, attorney at law and founder and president of the Spokane Scholars Foundation, will deliver the commencement address. Ryan Grouws, the ASWSU Spokane president, will deliver the student address. Grouws is receiving a bachelor's degree in construction management, and is a recipient of the WSU President's Award for his leadership and service to WSU and the community.
        WSU Spokane will honor 183 students earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in the design disciplines, pharmacy, engineering management, health policy and administration, nutrition, and speech and hearing sciences, including 72 receiving the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree.
        The graduation also honors 69 students receiving bachelor's and 12 receiving master's degrees in nursing from the Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education/WSU College of Nursing and its consortium partners Eastern Washington University and Whitworth College (Gonzaga University is new to the consortium, and thus will have no graduates this year). Under a new inter-institutional agreement, this is the first year graduates of ICNE consortium schools will receive joint degrees from their principal institution and from WSU (WSU students will receive only WSU diplomas).
        Seven EWU students earning master's degrees in communication disorders, who have studied in the joint WSU-EWU speech and hearing sciences program, will also go through this commencement ceremony.

Notes to photographers and television assignment editors:
-- A colorful faculty march from the Ag Trade Center along the Spokane River to the Opera House side entrance on Spokane Falls Boulevard is planned for 1:45-2 p.m. Faculty will be in academic regalia and will be led by two bagpipers from the Angus Scott Pipe Band.
-- During the commencement ceremony, students from construction management will be wearing hard hats.
-- One graduate receiving her Doctor of Pharmacy is expected to bring her toddler, dressed in tiny cap and gown, through the ceremony with her (approximately 3:15 p.m.).
-- Those receiving master's degrees and the Doctor of Pharmacy receive ceremonial hoods, draped over them by professors in a ritual dating back to medieval times.
-- A post-commencement reception will be held in the lobby, with Butch there for pictures with the graduates (approximately 3:45 p.m.).


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