February 9, 1999
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                                       Lee Philipp, 509/372-7248, lphilipp@tricity.wsu.edu
TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- A program to attract students to attend Washington State University at Tri-Cities during weekends has been proposed for the Fall 1999 semester.
        A survey to find out what courses and programs potential students would be interested in taking on the weekend is posted on the World Wide Web at <http:/www2.tricity.wsu.edu/
outreach.html>. Those interested can also contact Pat Wright of the WSU Tri-Cities Admissions Office at 2710 University Drive, Richland, WA 99352. She can also be contacted at <wrightp@tricity.wsu.edu>.
        The program is designed for people who are unable to attend classes at the WSU Tri-Cities campus during the traditional weekday schedule. Weekend students would attend a three-hour lecture course on Saturdays at the campus. Those taking laboratory courses would also attend a three-hour lab session every weekend.
        Weekend students would pay the same tuition fees and complete all course requirements on the regular academic calendar. These students would also have access to all of the WSU Tri-Cities facilities available to traditional students.
        "We looked at making the classes high-tech," said Lee Philipp, an electrical engineering professor and chairman of the committee which made the proposal. "But with the strong competition for high-tech funds, we decided on a zero-tech plan that would use people instead of new equipment."
        The initial proposal includes a modest offering of courses in the areas of humanities, engineering, education and business, said Philipp. "Hopefully, we'll meet the needs of people looking to complete a college degree."


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