February 2, 1999
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        VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The year-to-year increase in enrollment at Washington State University Vancouver continues, according to the university's official 10th-day enrollment report.
        Total spring semester enrollment at WSU Vancouver is 1,526, an increase of more than 14 percent over last spring semester. The primary trend with this year's enrollment figures, says student services director Nancy Youlden, is the increase in those students enrolled in a non-degree category.
        "We are seeing more students enrolling in the non-degree category than we saw last year," she says. "Enrolling just a class or two at a time often allows people to make decisions about where they want to go with their college career."
        Youlden notes that the increase seems to be reflective of two types of students. "Some are enrolling in the non-degree category as they work to satisfy some of the prerequisite classes of the program they plan to choose. There are also students who seem to be enrolling for personal enrichment or to get a taste of school after being away for a number of years." WSU Vancouver's student body is comprised not only of students who transfer directly from a community college, but also of those who return to school after many years to complete a degree or pursue a master's degree.
        WSU Vancouver's FTE enrollment is 912, a 10 percent increase over last spring semester. A full-time equivalent or FTE represents one undergraduate student enrolled in 15 semester credits.
        In addition to enrollment, 10th day figures also show a student body comprised of 65 percent women. Minority enrollment increased more than 9 percent over last spring semester.
        WSU Vancouver offers bachelor's degree programs in biology, business administration, English, environmental science, human development, humanities, manufacturing engineering, natural resource sciences, nursing, psychology, public affairs and social sciences. WSU Vancouver's master's degree programs include business administration, education, engineering management, nursing, public affairs, teaching and technology management. In addition, the campus offers a number of certificate programs, as well as courses toward proposed degrees in computer science and electronic communications.
        For more information about programs and classes at WSU Vancouver, call 360/546-WSUV.


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