Last revised April 2002

About the Pullman Human Rights Commission

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    David Stiller
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    (509) 334-7868
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    Pullman Human Rights Commission
    PO Box 3074 CS
    Pullman, WA 99165
Mission Statement

The Pullman Human Rights Commission (PHRC) is committed to promoting and creating a harmonious community, in which the inherent worth of all individuals is recognized and valued and civility and social justice are honored.

Value Statement

As a commission committed to achieving human rights and social justice for all members of our community, the Pullman Human Rights Commission:

    Accepts our responsibility to make Pullman a community where all people are welcomed, secure, and valued;

    Values respect, appreciation, collaboration, diversity and friendship in our relationships with each other;

    Proclaims with words and deeds that ours must be a just community where harassment, intimidation, discrimination and violence are totally unacceptable;

    Communicates a strong, clear message that all forms of prejudice and hatred will not be tolerated;

    Challenges all who live in our community and region to act in ways that reflect a commitment to, and accountability for, racial and social justice-equality in our personal lives, families, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, clubs, association, institutions and places of worship.

We believe these values are fundamental to the health and growth of our community.

Part of the Pullman Human Rights Commission Values Statement is adopted from the Spokane Task Force on Race Relation's Commitment to Action for Racial Equity Statement, September 1996.