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    David Stiller
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    Pullman Human Rights Commission
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Services that we provide

Data Collection

The Pullman Human Rights Commission serves as a resource and support organization that advocates for human rights in our community. If you have a concern about human rights or if you believe that you are a victim of bias or discrimination, the Pullman Human Rights Commission will assist you with appropriate reporting and resolution.

Reporting an incident

You may report an incident by completing an Incident Report Form available at the following locations: 

  1. City of Pullman
  2. Pullman Chamber of Commerce 
  3. Neill Public Library 
  4. Administrative offices at Pullman School District, or contact a school principal 
  5. WSU Center for Human Rights
  6. Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse
  7. Community Action Center
  8. The Common Ministry
  9. The Pullman Human Rights Commission WEB Page
If you prefer talking to a person, please dial 332-BIAS.  The dispatcher will assist you or refer you to a contact person.  Emergency situations will be referred to a local law enforcement agency immediately. 

In case of an emergency situation, contact a local law enforcement agency immediately by calling 911, or 

  1. Call Pullman Police Department, 332-2521.
  2. Call WSU Police Department, 335-8548.
  3. Call Whitman County Sheriff, 397-4341.
An incident is generally defined as a consequence or event that is motivated by bias based on race/color, national/ethnic origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, gender, economic status, or other discriminatory actions. Reasons for reporting an incident might include:
  1. To inform the Commission of a situation that does not require further action on the part of the Pullman Human Rights Commission.
  2. To request a private or public meeting with the Pullman Human Rights Commission about an issue. 
  3. To inform the Commission about a situation and request the Commission organize a public meeting around the issue.
  4. To request a referral.
  5. To request assistance from the Commission in resolution of a complaint.
After a report has been filed

Reporting a bias incident is a responsible way of speaking out against discriminatory actions. 

  1. An incident reporting form can be obtained from any of the sources listed above. The Commission will review reports at their monthly meeting unless circumstances dictate other action. If requested, the Commission will arrange for a private meeting with the complainant. The Commission will collect information at the meeting, evaluate the situation and decide, in conjunction with the complainant, what action to take. If the complainant does not request further action on the part of the Commission the incident will be recorded and used only for the statistical purpose of identifying specific problems or patterns.
  2. After evaluation, the Commission may adopt an action plan which may include but is not limited to, facilitating a community dialogue to create awareness of an issue relevant to the greater community at large and act as a resource system for individuals or groups who wish to pursue further action.
Annual report

The Research and Data Collection Committee is responsible for preparing an annual report that summarizes bias related incidents, details actions the commission
takes to address these incidents, and makes recommendations that further enhance a community environment of inclusion, fairness, equality and dignity.