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Software Description
Bash -- GNU Bourne-Again SHell
Counter 1.2 -- a www counter program
DEC C -- the DEC C compiler
DXML -- the Digital Extended Math Library (BLAS)
Emacs -- the extensible self-documenting text editor
Expect -- programmed dialogue with interactive programs
FORTRAN 77 -- F77 FORTRAN compiler
FORTRAN 90 -- f90/f95 FORTRAN compiler
Ghostscript -- programming language similar to Adobe Systems' PostScript(tm) language
Ghostview -- X11 interface for the ghostscript interpreter
Gnu C -- GNU C compiler
Gnu C++ -- GNU C++ compiler
Gnu Make -- maintains up-to-date versions of target files and performs shell commands
Gnuplot -- an interactive plotting program
Gzip -- GNU LZ77 compression utilities
ImageMagick -- display and interactive manipulation of images for  X
Ispell -- correct spelling of words
Java -- Java(tm) Development Kit Version 1.1.5
LaTeX -- a TeX macro package


 -- Converts LaTeX to html
Less -- similar to more but allows backwards movement in file
LIMDEP -- econometric and statistical modeling
ListProc -- the WSU ListProc list server
Lynx -- cursor addressable WWW client
Metafont -- a language for font and logo design
Metamail -- mailcap-based multimedia handling
Minitab -- interactive data analysis software
mkPGP -- e-mail encryption
Netscape -- WWW client
Pascal -- PASCAL compiler from DEC
PBM utilities -- portable bitmat format utilities
Perl -- the Practical Extraction and Report Language
PGP -- Pretty Good Privacy
Pico -- display-oriented text editor
Pine -- screen oriented message handling tool
PSE -- Parallel Software Environment
REVTeX -- publishing macros for TeX and LaTeX
SimuSolv -- Modeling Package for the Physical Sciences
Tangle -- converts TeX web source to Pascal program
Tcl -- the tcl programming language
Tclsh -- a shell based on the tcl programming language
Tcsh -- C shell with command line editing
TeX -- text formatting and typesetting
Text1 -- the WSU set of TeX macros
vi -- the vi editor
Weave -- translate TeX WEB to TeX
Wish -- simple windowing shell

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