Accounts Payable

Strategic Plan

Vision, Mission, Values, Stakeholders, Goals & Objectives, Strategies & Performance Measures


We are dedicated to providing timely, accurate, and efficient disbursement services, while embracing change and new technology to safeguard the assets of the State.


We are dedicated to giving "world class" customer service, while providing timely, accurate, and efficient disbursement services to the University, State and Federal agencies, and the public in pursuit of their goals and objectives while following Washington State University policies and the laws of the State of Washington.


  • Honesty and Integrity: Act in an accurate, professional, prompt, caring and respectful manner while safeguarding the assets of the State.
  • Trust and Respect: Base relationships with co-workers, departments, and vendors on trust and mutual respect.
  • Service: Strive to identify and meet the needs of each of our customers and stakeholders with "world class" service.
  • Teamwork: Work together to accomplish tasks and deliver prompt, accurate services. Hire for attitude, train for skill.
  • Communication: Open communication with all of our customers.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Cultivate a workplace that embraces change courageously, while adopting new approaches and technologies.
  • Responsibility: Always give first consideration to the objectives, policies, and missions of the University, while striving to maintain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.
  • Lifelong Learning: Counsel and encourage individuals to embrace change and to enhance their personal and professional growth through individual or class training.
  • Accountability and Flexibility: Accept responsibility and adapt to change to enhance efficient "world class" service.
  • Continuous Improvement: Be receptive to new approaches and technologies to facilitate change. Embrace life-long learning, and encourage all staff to do so as well.
  • Diversity: Recognize everyone’s potential for excellence based on the strengths and diverse wealth each individual.

Customers and Stakeholders

  • WSU Students and Parents
  • University Faculty and Staff
  • WSU Administration and Departments
  • Board of Regents
  • Communities and Citizens/Taxpayers of the State of Washington
  • Federal, State and Local governments
  • State Procurement/General Administration
  • Vendors/Contractors
  • Banks/Purchasing Card Companies

GOAL 1: 

Hire and retain quality staff members in the Accounts Payable department.


  • Hire for attitude, train for skills
  • Accomplished by maintaining a caring and fair work environment.
  • Staff morale is the most critical segment to the success of the area.
  • Only with the right personnel, can the other goals can be reached


  • Provide all employees the opportunity to attend training/workshops to improve application/technology skills.
  • Cross train employees on specialty areas of desks
  • Offer alternate schedules of workweeks and hours for staff
  • Offer diverse desk duties/reduced data entry functions

Performance Measures: 

  • Reduction in staff turnover/training costs reduced
  • Improved employee/department morale
  • Increased production /Reduction in overtime
  • Decreased absences due to motion/stress related injuries
  • Enhanced ability of staff to better serve the University community


  • Compensation restraints/pay scale considerably below comparable department personnel (i.e. fiscal Specialists)
  • Continually asked to do more with less, due to budget cuts/less resources Administration support
  • Job security


Maintain exceptional customer service


  • Prompt payments within State guidelines
  • World class phone assistance


  • Hiring personable and dedicated staff
  • Educating/training staff
  • Provide prompt reply to all inquiries
  • Submit rating questionnaire to Finance Offices

Performance Measures:

  • Acknowledgements of service from vendors and departments


  • Resources

GOAL 3: 

Continue to develop and define performance measures to enhance departmental and university efficiencies.


  • P-Card System
  • Duplicate payment edit in PAPR
  • ACH/Wire interface
  • Electronic invoice Processing
  • Create web-site for vendors
  • W-9’s mailed w/checks or electronic
  • Replace outdated PAPR PC program
  • Linking all vendor payments (currently PAPR PC & blanket pr’s don’t link)
  • Streamline RIP system


  • Eliminate Q purchase orders/reduce number of "Petty cash" accounts
  • Increase department training/awareness of P-Card program
  • Purchase software/ ITdeveloped

Performance Measures

  • Monitor monthly P-Card activity
  • Reduction in number of direct charge invoices to handle
  • Reduction in number of checks issued/reduction in postage costs
  • Reduction in data entry functions of FT desks/reduces keypunching errors
  • Decline in late payments and late fees due to untimely departmental approval
  • Reduced "vendor number/TIN" processing
  • Fewer "duplicate payment" invoices approved on dept blankets


  • Reduced staff resources/time to provide training/marketing at dept level
  • Acceptance by University departments
  • Web site down times/slow responses
  • IT resources
  • Administration support


Training and Reference Manual for the A/P staff


  • Accounts Payable will establish and publish via our web-site an A/P reference and training manual, which could be accessed by A/P staff and dept personnel
  • Allow staff easy self-access to management decisions and policies
  • Departmental access to A/P manual on the Web


  • Insures all A/P staff are informed

Performance Measures:

  • Reduces training time /questions for FT Leads or Supervisor


  • Reductions in staff/resources limits time that can be spent on this Acceptance by University departments

GOAL 5: 

Develop department training material, which will allow department personnel to learn how to navigate in the PAPR application.


  • Reduce amount of routing of paperwork back & forth for correct information
  • Increased prompt payments to vendors


  • Web based information
  • Provide regular training sessions in classroom settings, one on one in at dept level

Performance Measures:

  • Survey results, Reduced phone/E-mail questions


  • Resources/time


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