Washington State University

Revised 11-11
Environmental Health and Safety

Pest and Animal Control

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When rodents, insects, or other pests infest or inhabit University locations, University personnel are to take the pest control measures described in this section.

See also WAC 504-36-020 regarding control of animals at WSU.

Role of EH&S

It is the responsibility of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) to help ensure that pests (structural and health vector) are controlled in a safe and sanitary manner in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations.

EH&S may investigate and identify pest problems, and recommend pest treatments and chemicals.

EH&S may review plans and specifications for construction projects to help prevent occurrence of pest problems.

Prevention of West Nile Virus

In Whitman County

EH&S responds to calls regarding dead birds and collects the birds for virus testing if warranted.

Outside Whitman County

Contact the local health department for more information concerning the prevention of West Nile virus.


A WSU Pullman department experiencing a pest control problem may contact the University's pest control contractor. Contact EH&S or Purchasing Services for the name and telephone number of the contractor.

The contractor usually visits WSU Pullman twice a month or within 24 hours in an emergency.

Pests Covered by Contract

The contract covers rodents, cockroaches, bees and wasps, ants, silverfish, flies, spiders, fleas, birds, and some other pests that invade or are around structures and facilities.

Pests Not Covered

Pests of crops, ornamental plants, etc. are not covered by this contract.

Chemical Controls

If possible, the contractor uses nonchemical control measures, e.g., traps. If the contractor recommends a chemical control measure for a pest treatment, the contractor provides an MSDS of the chemical to the department. The department is responsible for disseminating the MSDS to employees who may be exposed to the chemical. See also 5.10.

The contractor posts caution signs in areas where chemicals are applied, except in the case where toxic baits are applied and the exposure potential is negligible.

Paying for Services

The department is responsible for paying for all contractor investigation and treatment charges related to work conducted in departmental space. If a department, deliberately or by negligence, causes a pest problem and the infestation spreads to other departments or areas, the department causing the infestation is responsible for all pest control costs associated with the infestation.

A departmental official with expenditure authority (see BPPM 70.02) signs the vendor's invoice and enters the account code of the supporting WSU budget/project. The department routes the approved invoice to Accounts Payable for payment.

Contractor Review

EH&S reviews the pest control contractor's activities on a monthly basis.


Personnel noticing pest problems in public access areas (e.g., classrooms, public restrooms, or building entryways used by more than one department,) may contact EH&S for treatment. If appropriate, either EH&S or Facilities Services, Operations contacts the pest control contractor and pays expenses.

Animal and Wildlife Control

When an animal such as a bird is found inside a building, contact the WSU Police Department for assistance in removing the bird. EH&S, Facilities Services, Operations, and the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital's Exotics Ward may assist with animal removal on a case by case basis.

If a wild animal is causing problems, contact the WSU Police Department or WHITCOM. The police or WHITCOM contact the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for assistance.


In Whitman County

If a bat is found in a building, near a building entrance, or in an area where humans may come in contact with the bat, contact EH&S and/or the Office of the Campus Veterinarian for assistance. EH&S and Campus Veterinarian personnel are vaccinated for rabies and can safely remove the bat. Individuals should never attempt to remove bats due to the rabies hazard.

If an individual comes into contact with a bat, contact EH&S and/or the local health department immediately for further information. If a bat is found in a person's room or residence and that individual has been asleep, contact EH&S and or the local health department immediately for further information.

Outside of Whitman County

Contact the local EH&S representative and/or the local health department for further information.

Dead Animals

Contact Facilities Services, Operations for pickup if a dead animal is found; telephone 335-9075.


Tenants experiencing pest problems are to contact WSU Housing Services; telephone 335-1541. Housing Services is responsible for contacting the pest control contractor.


A WSU department located outside Whitman County may hire any pest control contractor licensed to treat the specific pest problem.


A department may directly treat a pest problem if the following requirements are observed. The department is to: