Washington State University

Revised 5-04
Radiation Safety Office

Personnel Monitoring Devices

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State law requires that WSU personnel and other individuals using WSU facilities wear radiation-monitoring devices at all times while working with radiation or radiation machines. (WAC 246-221-090)

Each authorized user is responsible for ensuring proper wearing of dosimetry and timely exchange of radiation badges at the end of each month.

State law requires that each dosimeter be issued to a specific individual and forbids the use of an assigned dosimeter by any other person. (WAC 246-221-090)

Whole Body Monitoring

Whole body radiation monitors are required for every person who may experience an occupational radiation exposure of 42 mrem (420 µSv) or more per month.


Whole body radiation monitors are required for every person under 18 years of age who may be exposed to an occupational radiation exposure of 20 mrem (42 µSv) or more per month.

Fetal Monitoring

In addition to monitoring a declared pregnant worker, the Radiation Safety Office (RSO) provides dosimetry to be worn on the abdomen (next to the fetus) of the worker. WSU personnel are to make special efforts to keep the radiation exposure of embryos or fetuses as low as is reasonably achievable during the entire gestation period. See also 9.50.

The Radiation Safety Office has written information and videos available for those interested in learning more about fetal exposure and monitoring.


Those persons working with the following radiation sources need not wear whole body radiation monitors during periods of exposure to these radiation sources:

Extremity Monitoring

The following personnel must monitor the radiation dosage to extremities (e.g., hands):

The RSO reserves the right to issue extremity dosimetry for other radionuclides based upon the declared use.

See 9.46 for extremity monitoring procedures.

Monthly Exchange

The Radiation Safety Office exchanges new radiation badges for old badges each month. Upon receipt of the new badge, the employee gives the old badge to the designated laboratory contact who returns the badge to the Radiation Safety Office. The employee is responsible for returning the old badge to the Radiation Safety Office via the laboratory contact as soon as possible, but no later than the tenth day of the month.

The Radiation Safety Office maintains records from each badge and monitors each employee's cumulative radiation exposure.

NOTE: All badges must be returned to the Radiation Safety Office; mail code 1302.


The Radiation Safety Office (RSO) withholds delivery of radioactive material to or prohibits the operation of a radiation machine by a noncomplying authorized user until he or she meets the requirements in this section.

The Director of the RSO reports instances of repeated noncompliance to the Chair of the Radiation Safety Committee.

The Chair refers the case to the committee for action. The committee may take the following actions:


Complete an Application for a Personnel Monitoring Device to obtain a radiation badge. Print the PDF master on 9.45.6 or complete onscreen and print to obtain supplies of the application form.

Also complete a Radiation Exposure History Release form (see 9.45.7) and/or a Prenatal Radiation Exposure Statement (see 9.50.16) when applicable.

First-Time Temporary Badges

Prior to starting work involving potential radiation exposure, employees who have not previously been assigned a WSU radiation badge must apply for and receive a radiation badge. In addition to submitting the application, if such employees have not completed the appropriate radiation safety course, the employees are to:

Completing the Badge Application Form

The following instructions are keyed to the numbers on the sample in the PDF version of 9.45.4. Unnumbered sections are considered self-explanatory.

Title (1)

Enter faculty, staff, RA, TA, or student.

WSU ID Number (2)

Enter applicant's WSU ID number.

If no WSU ID number exists, enter one of the following identification numbers, listed below in order of priority:

Authorized User (3)

Enter the name of the individual who has been designated as authorized user for the radioactive materials or radiation machines in the applicant's laboratory. See 9.20.

Authorized user enters "self."

Proposed Work With Radiation (4)

Consult with the authorized user regarding isotopes and amounts.

Previous Radiation History (5)

List all places where the employee has worked with radiation. Enter complete addresses because exposure records must be maintained.

If the employee's exposure has been recorded, or can be calculated, complete the last two columns. Complete and attach a Radiation Exposure History Release form. See below for exposure history form completion and routing instructions.

Female workers must complete and attach a Prenatal Radiation Exposure Statement. See 9.50.16.

Submitting the Application

Return the completed and signed Application for a Personnel Monitoring Device to the Radiation Safety Office at mail code 1302.


If the individual has worked with sources of ionizing radiation at an institution other than WSU, he or she must complete and sign the release statement on the Radiation Exposure History Release.

Complete and sign a separate form for each institution.

Print the PDF master on 9.45.7 or complete onscreen and print to obtain a supply of the Radiation Exposure History Release.

Provide information in the comments section that will assist the recipient institution to locate the individual's exposure history.

Route the signed forms with the completed Application for Personnel Monitoring Device form to the Radiation Safety Office.

The Radiation Safety Office sends Radiation Exposure History Release forms to the institutions where the individual had previously worked with radiation.

See the PDF master forms:
9.45.6: Application for a Personnel Monitoring Device and
9.45.7: Radiation Exposure History Release
Complete and/or print as needed