The Study of Attitudes and Global Engagment (SAGE) is a collaborative project between International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan, and Washington State University in Pullman, U.S.A.

The survey measures individual attitudes towards concepts such as peace, security, risk, and global engagement.

Generous financial support for the survey comes from the Center of Excellence (COE) grant program of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, and the Thomas S. Foley Institute of Public Policy and Public Service. The survey is being administered in the United States by the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) of Washington State University.

The survey differs from existing public opinion research in that it enables researchers to go beyond the measurement of transitory or contextual phenomena in the sphere of international relations, and allows researchers to incorporate existing and accepted measures of political identity (value sets, social capital, and partisanship) into multivariate analyses.

American and Japanese pilot study data have now been collected, and soon will be available for public use. The team have laid out a set of milestones, which include securing funding for a full study, appointing an international Advisory Board, developing specialized issue-based modules (risk, the environment, war memories, etc.), and seeking partners in other countries to expand the scope of the study. Bookmark our news section for study updates and releases.

Ashley Grosse (WSU) and Wilhelm Vosse (ICU) review survey questions during the WSU team's visit to Tokyo in June 2004.
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