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What do psychologists do?

  • Psychologists conduct basic and applied research.
  • Psychologists serve as consultants to communities and organizations.
  • Psychologists diagnose and treat people for mental and medical disorders.
  • Psychologists teach future psychologists and other types of students.
  • Psychologists study how people relate to each other and to machines and work to improve these relationships.

What Careers are Available in Psychology?

A degree in psychology prepares students for a wide variety of careers.  Some of these careers require additional education beyond the bachelor's degree, but many others can be secured by simply accumulating a good record as an undergraduate.  National statistics show that a degree in psychology, sometimes combined with a minor in a second area (e.g., Business or Chemical Dependency), has become increasingly marketable in recent years.  Psychology students are in increasing demand.

Examples of where psychologists work

Aerospace & Defense Industry

    • system design (human factors)
    • human/machine interaction

Community Health Centers

    • help individuals in communities
    • design prevention programs

Computer Industry

    • software design
    • train people to use software

Corporate Offices/Industry

    • develop employee assistance programs
    • teamwork development
    • personnel decisions
    • public relations
    • manager


    • consulting
    • lobbying
    • forensics
    • law enforcement
    • advise lawyers on jury selection
    • provide expert witness testimony
    • work with prisoners on reform


    • drug addiction counseling
    • work with mentally ill patients
    • work with physically ill patients

Research firms

    • marketing research
    • data analyst

Private practice

    • provide family and marital counseling
    • provide personal counseling

Schools and Universities

    • work as school counselors
    • work as teachers and professors
    • conduct basic and applied research


See other career opportunities and information related to psychology at

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