College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Psychology

Experimental Psychology Program

The doctoral program in experimental psychology is designed to produce highly skilled, innovative, and productive experimental psychologists in terms of research and teaching. Each student will build his/her program of study around one or more specialty areas in Cognition, Biological, Social, Industrial/Organizational, Health, and Applied Quantitative Methods.

Degree recipients are expected to be highly knowledgeable about their specialty areas, to have a strong background in general experimental psychology, to be able to identify significant research problems, to be conversant with a wide variety of strategies for generating and testing hypotheses that emerge from these problems, and to be able to effectively communicate these ideas. The program is designed to be completed in 5 years for students entering without a masters degree, and 4 years for students entering with a masters degree.

The department has an outstanding reputation for producing well-trained professionals in competitive research and teaching positions in academia, as well as competitive research or applied positions in government and private industry.

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