FAQ & Contact

We are always looking for participants who are interested in helping advance our scientific exploration.

If you are interested in participating in our upcoming decision making research as a paid participant, please contact the ACID Lab study coordinator, Christen at 509-335-4906 or email at decision.psych@wsu.edu. Please direct any questions you have about our research here as well.


Are you accepting graduate students for the following fall?

      Our recruitment of new graduate students for next year depends on having sufficient funds available to support the students, and on the number of strong applicants in the applicant pool. The exact amount of funding for new students will remain uncertain until well after the application deadline, however, the Department usually recruits 5 to 7 new doctoral students in Experimental Psychology each year. The recruitment process is competitive as resources are shared among all faculty. A graduate student recruitment committee reviews applicants and selects the top candidates, who are then invited for a brief visit to WSU before final offers are made. Individual faculty members contribute to the selection process but do not have complete control over who will be selected.

Are you currently accepting undergraduate researchers?

      We accept undergraduate help as we need it, if you are interested in working in our lab please contact our lab coordinator Christen, who will put you in touch with our graduate students who will have a short meeting with you to discuss your interests and our needs.

more to come..