College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Psychology

Affective & Cognitive Influences on Decisions (ACID) Lab

Principal Investigator:

Dr. John Hinson

Contact Information:
Office: Johnson Tower 350
Phone: (509) 335-1089

Lab web site:


The primary objective of our research is to better understand how cold cognition (rational or deliberative processes) and hot cognition (affective or emotional processes) contribute to decision making.  People often make decisions under suboptimal conditions, including conditions of distraction, information overload, or cognitive fatigue, leading to less than ideal decision outcomes.  In laboratory studies  we use cognitive or affective challenges, such as memory loads and divided attention tasks, to examine how these challenges constrain good decision making.  These experimental manipulations are intended to capture important elements of real world challenges to decision making and allow us to better explain problems in decision making underlying difficulties in self-regulation.

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