College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Psychology

Interpersonal Processes Lab

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Craig Parks

Contact Information:
Office: Johnson Tower 209
Phone: (509) 335-8946


Individual Differences in Cooperative Choice
Cognitive and Strategic Approaches to Social Dilemma Resolution
Attributions for Poor Performance by Groups

My primary interest is in understanding the internal, individual-level factors that influence a person's frequency of cooperative responses in an interdependent group setting.  I usually study mixed-motive situations, but have also looked at behavior within decision-making groups.  I have focused most heavily on two factors: (1) stable individual difference characteristics and (2) actions of others as a stimulus for own choice.  However, I have recently begun investigating more cognitively-based factors, in particular retrospection, mood, misperception of others' actions, and attributions for others' noncooperative behavior.



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