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Department of Psychology
Undergraduate Research Initiative Grants Program

To develop and showcase outstanding undergraduate research in psychology, the Department of Psychology will award several grants during the fall and spring semesters of each academic year to undergraduates working on research projects with a faculty mentor.

These projects must fulfill the following criteria:

(1) They must be developed in collaboration with a mentor on the psychology faculty.

(2) They must have scientific merit.

(3) They must include an original contribution by the student. That is to say, the scientific question and the written proposal should be as student-driven as possible.

In addition, applicants should have some previous research experience before they apply (e.g., Psych 498 credits) and they must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

Grants of up to $750.00 will be awarded to defray costs associated with conducting the project. Applicants may request any amount of money up to, but not exceeding, $750.00. In their proposals, applicants should outline why the funds are needed to complete the project and provide a budget that specifies how the funds will be used. Grant recipients will be selected and announced annually in March and November. The project scope should allow the study to be completed by the end of March so that presentations can be made at the Undergraduate Research Symposium to be held each April.

To apply, the student should write a three page description of the research. The student should give the proposal to the faculty mentor with sufficient lead time for the mentor to add a confidential, one-page letter that addresses the student’s eligibility for the grant, the student's ability to carry out the project, and the merit of the research ideas. The mentor must then submit the proposal and the evaluation letter to the Department Chair by Monday, Nov. 1, 2010. The proposal description should be single-spaced with one inch margins.  The font should be no smaller than 12pt. Proposals should adhere to the following format:

I. Specific Aims of the Research & Predictions
II. Background and Significance

III. Methods, Planned Analysis & Brief Discussion of Results. Be sure to outline how various observed outcomes would support or fail to support your predictions.
IV. Brief Budget (i.e., a brief outline of how the grant money will be spent and why it is necessary to the success of the project).

Overall, the proposal should highlight why the student is interested in the particular topic and excited about the possibility of studying it. It should also explain how funds from the grant will make the project possible and how the data collected could help others either in terms of future research or application.

Students who receive awards will be expected to present their research findings annually in the spring at a research symposium that will be open to all interested individuals: current and prospective students and their families, WSU faculty, staff and administrators, community members and alumni.

If you have questions, you may direct them to Dr. Samantha Swindell, Undergraduate Program Director, via email at or phone at 335-3715


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