Student Accounts

Billing Procedures

WSU does not mail billing statements for tuition and fees. That information is readily available to all students on-line 24 hours a day, seven days a week at ZZUSIS. The new charges will appear on your account on or near the Monday before the semester begins and financial aid will appear on or near the Thursday before the semester begins. Your account should be accurate by the Friday before the semester begins. Please access your account at that time and pay on line. Tuition and mandatory fees are due the first class day which is August 19 and late fees begin to apply September 3 for Fall. The first class day for Spring 2014 is January 13 and late fees begin to apply January 28, 2014 so be sure and access your account on line and pay on line to avoid any potential penalties.

Full time fees are the same whether you are in 10 credits or 18 credits. If you add or drop classes the charges will most likely stay the same for tuition. There may be a small difference in Special Course Fees. Please pay the full time tuition and mandatory fees by the first class day and do not wait for changes in Course Fees before you pay or you risk getting late fees.

Mandatory fees include student health fee, student rec center fee, student transit fee, student stadium renovation fee, and student union building.

It is imperative that you communicate your account information timely with your parents or any other party who may be making payment on your behalf. They won’t have access to your account as that is private information that WSU can’t share with anyone other than the student without written permission from the student. Students are able to grant computer access to their parents or other third parties. They can choose from many options and grant just specific area access that they choose to share. Please see for more information on this valuable service.

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