Student Accounts

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

The fastest and safest way for WSU to deliver funds is for us to send it directly to the student's personal checking account. We strongly recommend the student go to ZZUSIS, select Self Service, Campus Finances, Enroll in direct deposit.  If one needs to change their bank account information for a current direct deposit, go to ZZUSIS, select Self Service, Campus Finances, Manage my Bank Accounts.  Once you have entered the new checking account information, click on the modify direct deposit link and follow the steps to select the new banking information.

Some points to remember about Direct Deposit:

  • We can only deposit into domestic United States checking accounts or credit unions.
  • The student will need to periodically access their student account on ZZUSIS, Account Info, View Account Activity to determine when the funds have been transferred to their WSU student account. The funds will generally be available in their bank account within three business days after it appears on their WSU student account.


Snail Mail Paper Checks

If the student does not use Direct Deposit, any check will be mailed to the student's Primary Mailing Address which the student maintains on ZZUSIS. WSU assumes the student has entered the correct address and will mail all actual checks to that address. A check sent to an address the student has failed to update won't be re-issued for 10 working days.

The above does not include your paycheck. Click here to enroll in Payroll Services Direct Deposit:
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