Student Accounts

Student Charges

Student Billings at WSU are on line.  We do not mail statements. View Tuition Deadlines and Tuition Due Dates.

Enrolled student's charges will appear on-line one week prior to the first day of class each semester. Financial aid (if applicable) will apply later in the week. An accurate balance of charges less applicable financial aid will be on-line the weekend before school starts.

Please access your account at that time to see the amount due and pay on-line at that time. Click here to go to your account information.

The charges that will appear on-line include tuition, a mandatory Student Rec Center fee, a mandatory Student Health fee, a mandatory Student Union Building fee, a mandatory transit fee, a mandatory stadium renovation fee, and special course fees (lab fees) for some classes. For a list of tuition and fees click here. There might also be items which the student has chosen to purchase via special request when registering. Some of these items may be an Optional Health Insurance for undergraduates, a Sports Pass, a Computer Server/Lab Pass, Cougar Cash, or if a graduate student, Graduate Health Insurance. There are other charges which might appear on the student's account. Examples of these may be Child Care, library fines, and past due Parking Tickets. Housing charges are included on the student account and Financial Aid will pay them.

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