Travel Services


Check With Your Department First

Each school or department may have travel requirements over and beyond those of the State or University. These may be additional forms for trip approvals, justifications, reports, or differences in what amounts will be reimbursed for meals, lodging, or airfare. Larger departments may have a single travel coordinator who will make all of your arrangements whereas smaller departments may expect the traveler to do all of it. Be sure you know before your trip, the role your department plays in both planning and reimbursing for travel.

Other Car Rental Agencies

If you rent from another agency and do not use your WSU Visa travel charge card for payment, you will need to get the collision/loss damage waiver insurance.

Personal Car

  • If you drive your own car on University business, you are reimbursed the applicable rate for each mile driven.
    • Compute mileage using either the car mileage and rates table or your actual odometer readings.
    • Separate "point-to-point mileage" (getting from here to there and back again from "vicinity mileage" (going around at your destination). For vicinity miles, use your odometer reading.
  • If you choose to drive your own car instead of flying, you are reimbursed the applicable rate for each mile driven up to the state contract airfare (if there is no contract fare, the lowest available coach fare) for the same trip.
    • Compute the mileage as described above.
    • You may also receive per diem during the first 24 hours for driving to and from the business destination. Use the per diem for the location where you sleep.
  • You are responsible for your own car insurance. If you are in an accident, your insurance is the primary coverage .
  • Daily commute transportation expenses between the traveler's official residence and official duty station is a personal obligation of the traveler and is not reimbursable by the state. All other miles driven on official state business are reimburseable.
    • Working during hours or days that the employee is not normally scheduled to work does not entitle the employee to reimbursement for transportation mileage expenses incurred between their official residence and their official duty station.
    • When an employee is assigned to work at more than one location within their official duty station, they may be reimbursed only for the local miles driven between the work locations.

WSU Motor Pool

Vehicles for WSU employees or Non-WSU individuals for the Pullman area.


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