Travel Services

Central Travel Account

The Central Travel Account (CTA) allows departments to charge airline, rail tickets, and bus transportation to a centrally billed "cardless" account.

  • Airline tickets must be purchased according to State of Washington regulations
  • Specified lodging that is permitted should be arranged directly with the property.

CTA Application

  • Enter your data in the application online.
  • Print the completed form.
  • Sign it.
  • Mail or fax the completed application to the Purchasing Office, Zip 1020 or fax (509) 335-7765.

Receipt: Your account number will be assigned within 2-3 weeks. The Purchasing Office will contact the department with the number.


Upon receipt of your account number:

  • Advise your travel agency of the number and expiration date. (It is recommended that you use only one travel agency with your CTA.)
  • Establish a procedure with the agency that will insure the security of the number and that only authorized travel is charged to the account.
  • Instruct your travel agency to send you the invoice itinerary statement for each ticket they issue on the CTA immediately upon issuance of the ticket. By doing so, you will always know the status of your CTA. You will be aware of any incorrect charges immediately and can instruct the travel agent to correct them.
  • The CTA number should not be given to the travelers.
  • The reconciler and approver are responsible for the CTA.

Unused Tickets

  • Paper Tickets
    • Tickets should not be discarded. They are negotiable documents worth the value of the airfare or unused portion less any cancellation penalties or service fees.
    • Return them to the travel agency that issued the ticket.
    • Keep a record of the tickets that you return to the agency.
    • Obtain a Refund/Exchange Notice (REN) from the travel agency. The REN is your receipt/proof that the ticket was processed for credit by your travel agency. Use the REN to verify credit on the CTA account.
  • E-Ticket (Electronic)
    • Unused E-Tickets must be cancelled before the trip by calling the travel agency or airline.
    • Obtain a copy of the Electronic Ticket Refunds & Exchanges (ET/REA) documentation. This is your receipt/proof that the ticket was processed for credit by your travel agent. Use this to verify credit on the CTA.
  • Credits may take up to two billing cycles to appear on your account since returned tickets must go back through the airline's accounting department to verify the amount to be credited. If a credit does not appear on your account within two billing cycles (60 days), contact Customer Service at 1-800-270-7760.


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