Travel Services

Guidelines for Using CTA Accounts

How to Purchase Airfare

Departments using a CTA must purchase airfare one of two ways.

  1. Using a State Approved Travel Agency
    • Send a memo to the agency
    • Include in the memo the account number and a list of 3 people authorized to make purchases using that account number
  2. Directly with the Airline

***Departments cannot use services such as Cheaptickets, Expedia, or Priceline.***

Who is authorized to use a CTA account?

Only employees listed on the Application Memo to Purchasing Services are allowed to make purchase using a departmental CTA Account.

Prohibited Transactions

Any transaction other than air, rail or bus fares.

Reconciliation and Log-Sheets

Department are required to reconcile all transactions on-line and maintain a log of all transactions made using a CTA account.

Department Responsibilities

  • Departments must notify Travel if any contact information changes
  • Departments are responsible to notify Travel Agency of any authorized personal changes.
  • Departments are responsible to maintain complete records
    • Who is authorized to use the CTA
    • Completed log sheet and supporting documents
    • Current contact information
  • Departments are responsible for timely on-line reconciliation


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