Travel Services

Guidelines for Using a WSU Travel Charge Card

Cardholder Responsibilities

  • All transactions must be legal
  • Cardholder must seek reimbursement for expenses charged to their cards from the Division of Travel. This should happen 5-10 business days after travel has taken place. Use a TEV (Travel Expense Voucher) form to request reimbursement.
  • Cardholder is responsible to pay charged expenses in full upon receipt of statement or when expenses are reimbursed by the Division of Travel (maximum of 60 days).
  • Keep the card in a secure location
  • Review WSU Business Policies and Procedures regularly for program changes and or updates
  • Notify Purchasing Services when you leave employment of the University
  • Lost or Stolen Cards
    If a card is lost or stolen the Cardholder MUST
    1. Notify his/her Business and Finance Officer immediately and/or his/her "Approving Official"
    2. Contact JP Morgan Chase (800) 270-7760 and cancel the card
    3. Contact Travel Services to request a new account

Department Responsibilities

  • Approve applications
  • Notify Purchasing when a Cardholder separates from department and/or University


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